We are now hiring new members of BANK30 as our casts. We are looking forward to receiving your applications.
Applicants are required to be fluent in listening and speaking both Japanese and English.

Job openings:

  • [1]Bartender
  • [2]restaurant staff
  • [3]kitchen staff
  • [4]Receptionist
  • [5]VIP customer services
  • [6]Audio and visual engineer
  • [7]PR
  • [8]Event producer

Part-time & Contract employee

Salary : ¥1,300~/hr
※Depending on your experiences and skills.
※The salary raises 25% after PM10:00.
Working hours: AM10:00-AM5:00 ※by shift
◎Working hours are negotiable.
◎At least 2 days a week and 4 hours a day.
◎We accept working on weekends only!
Certification/Experience ★We welcome employees who wish to work for a long period.
★Those who have no experience in the food industry are welcome.
★Students and part-timers are welcome.
※ High school students are not acceptable.
※You must be over the age of 18 to be able to work after PM10:00.
Holidays: by shift
Compensation: Transportation fee(Up to¥10,000/month)/ Salary increase opportunity/ Opportunity to become a full-time employee/ Side jobs are OK /Meals(depending on the working hour)/ Uniform rental/ No restriction on hairstyle nor nails.

Full-time employee

Salary: ¥250,000~/month
※Depending on your experiences and skills.
Working hours: AM10:00-AM5:00 ※8 hours/day by shift
Holidays: by shift(8 or 9 holidays/month)
Summer holidays/ Winter holidays
Compensation: Transportation fee/ Salary increase opportunity/ Employee discounts/ Meals(depending on the working hour) / Uniform rental/ No restriction on hairstyle nor nails.


In charge of recruitment: Kurirta